Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Friday night Launceston hosted a Multi-stake YSA dance...
The dance was good...lots of choccie and lollies and when it was all done we were faced with the usual...hmm what now? question (you know the one that plagues YSA)...we were VERY EXCITED to find that we could now got to KMART!!
...YES cause KMART is now open 24HOURS!! Imagine it...no more boring nights! cause there will ALWAYS be somewhere to go and do stuff ...
Play dressups
Listen to music
Have handball competitions
Check out Boardgames
Roll around on office chairs

The list goes on!! Thanks K-Mart
Once again I have AWESOME pics...and once again when I figure out whats wrong with stupid blogger I shall upload them...stay tuned:)

If you're wondering...they are supposed to be 'K's'

Handball in the isles:)

Mountain Slams

Okay so a couple of weekends ago we headed up the mountain (Camilla, Mick, Campbell and I) for some tim tam slams in the snow! It was the first REALLY big snow fall on the mountain for the year and the road was closed at the springs so we wanted to head up and have a play...

Campbell supplied the REALLY CHOCOLATELY hot CHOCOLATE...(10 Table spoons?) and I supplied the Tim Tams...which happened to be on special!! ($2 bargain)

We had a great time getting rugged up and pelting ice cubes at each other (It wasn't exactly the softest fluffiest snow)

...we then headed to 'Zero Davey' where Ness is apartment sitting for Fran...We enjoyed playing with the intercom and warming up while watching twilight!!
It was a great night and I have some awesome pics but you'll just have to imagine it at the moment cause Blogger won't let me upload them...Will add them soon:)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mothers day...again...

Only seems like yesterday when I was blogging about mothers day last year...where has the time gone? What have I accomplished? (hm sorry mini break down)...ANYHO...Mother's day rolls round again...
Here is my crazy family after we descovered it was 'official wear a scarf day' unexpectedly... Seriously EVERYONE was wearing scarves at church today!

Lucky Jess and I had our FREE Myer ones!!

This little fellow was doing sit ups...he full on had his hand behind his ear and was throwing himself back and then bringing himself up...can't really tell in the pic but it was HILARIOUS...

We FINALLY had everyone together so we could sing happy birthday to Hallie...Six now!! and SO beautiful!

A weekend at home means lots of cuddles with Jonty!


Monday, May 11, 2009

Tup Tup Tupperware...

Last Tuesday I hosted my very first tupperware party... Esther was our lovely demonstrator... It was a great night...we loved the games and free tupperware prizes...(Especially the key rings)

The BEST part was the supper and the TOBLEROANE Fondu!!...mmmmmmmm

Thanks to all the YSA for the support...especially Mick J who broke the 'tupperware mold' and came even though you don't see many males at tupperware parties!! ...(He loved it and WON most of the games:)

Friday, May 8, 2009


Check out these Huon boyz unleashing their musical talents... Lauren had a farewell on Saturday arvo down the Huon and singstar was one of the afternoons events...These three were perched on the couch singing along to EVERY song on the disk...

They were REALLY getting into it....total crack up!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


hmm little bit behind...lets see...the day is the 25th of April...the moment is ANZAC day...
...what a ripper of a weekend...firstly heading to the Huon to get soaked for the ANZAC day camp...thanks Elle for letting me crash there instead of in a dripping wet tent or smelly car...
...Secondly was rising extra early for the Huon dawn service and then PIGGING out on the BEST breakfast in the WORLD...thanks to Louella Jury and Co.
Think of everything you could ever imagine or want at a breakfast and that's what it was...Hash Browns, Bacon, Eggs, Sausages, Pancakes with syrup and icecream, pastries, cereal, yogurt and fruit...the list goes on and on...YUMMO...
Nextly it was into the car for a road trip with Danny up to the Vilerette Gardens for Rob's 40th Birthday party...more great food and CAKE!!
Finally it was 31 of us hitting Aurora Stadium for the night match between Hawks and Eagles...
I was excited cause the Eagles are my team and they NEARLY caused an upset...it was a good game...thanks to Sam Watson for lending me the top... (Most exciting part of the game...Buddy's Butt)
We really needed this man back!!

We sat right behind the Hawthorn cheer squad which was kind of annoying...especially when they can't even speak properly ...
and I quote "HAWFORN"...what bogans...haha...