Friday, December 27, 2013

Toby - 6 Months

Toby is 6 months next week on the 2nd of January.
It has really flown! He LOVES to eat and is now devouring three meals a day...he still loves to laugh and smile but is now too cool for the camera, as soon as he sees it, his smile disappears.

 Love this grumpy face!

He had a really exciting first Christmas, no idea what was happening, but loved ripping the paper off his presents. 

Love you Tobes

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Two Years

Last Tuesday the 17th was our 2nd wedding anniversary.
To surprise Hayden I booked us a scenic tour of Hobart on the Sea Plane.
It was just like the one McGyver got started with chewing gum and a match in one of his episodes.

 Because we live so close to the wharf I just told him when he got home from work that we were going for a walk. He was suspicious immediately and started telling me how he hated surprises and then he started guessing...First guess "Are we going on a plane?" ... "Yes" says I...obviously thinking i'm joking he keeps guessing "Are we getting amazing tempura?"...Silly boy didn't realise I wasn't joking until we pretty much got inside the office.

Clearly that's not my picture of the seaplane, I forgot to take one so I stole that from the discover tasmania blog. It was a lot smoother ride then I imagined, especially because it was a bit windy and choppy on the Derwent river runway. It was a fitting present and a nice goodbye to Hobart as we move to Adelaide in the new year for Hayden's work.

Things we have achieved in our 2nd year together:
Travelled to the Whitsunday's for our baby moon
Had a baby
Learnt to leave the house with the baby
Didn't harm the baby (too badly)
H got a registra position in SA
Both got a few more grey hairs (actually Hayden got  a LOT more!)
Gained weight
Lost weight
Gained it again
Built a game machine
Sold a bookcase

Love you HaydenVadenboBayden