Monday, October 21, 2013

Motherhood #2

So...turns out 'they' were right, it does get easier...much easier...and the reason for so long between blogs isn't because I drowned in a pool of my own tears (I know you were all worried about that) but more that I've been having too much fun with my little family to sit down and blog.

As I said Toby is a dream baby... I think the biggest issue was me...nothing can prepare you for the trauma of labour and birth, nor the not feeling human and totally hormone charged first six weeks of motherhood.

I've had no more ailments since my last report (phewf) and Toby continues to learn and grow (despite of us really!).

Toby likes to talk/sing himself to sleep, he loves tickles and as you can see has a very infectious smile! As the weather warms up (slowly, sporadically, and finally) we are starting to explore the outside world more, Toby doesn't like the wind, and finds the sun annoying, but i'm sure he will come to cope more as he gets older.

It's weird being a mum...but wonderful!