Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Carrick Hill

Another adventure with Nan/Mum

 The owners of Carrick Hill both came from rich families, they were given 100acres of land as a wedding present...they travelled to England on their honeymoon and visited a mansion that was having a sale, they bought paneling and staircases and fireplaces and then had it all shipped to Australia and asked the architect to build their house around these items.
 While hubby went to war wifey worked on the garden...

 It was a sad story, they never had any children and the lady collected cradles ( a little creepy) they were all over the house with flowers in them. Because they didn't have kids they gave the house, land and everything in it to the South Australian Government.

Toby loved it! (See his face of excitement below) When we were on the tour of the house he kept interrupting the tour guide with squeals and talking. (He can get very loud!)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Move!

In January we said goodbye to our little townhouse on Terminus, and Hobart, and Tassie, to make our way to Adelaide for Hayden's new job. All went well with the move and our stuff arrived safe and sound! We've been in Adelaide for a month now and it's been great! The weather has been extremely hot and then wet but it is exciting exploring new places and getting to know our surroundings. Mum's been here for a couple of weeks visiting and we've been doing lots! One such exploration was the Adelaide Zoo...

 Toby loved it! (When he wasn't sleeping)

 We took him in to the petting part and he freaked out a little bit. Guess who took this pic?
 We moved into a big old Bungalow which had ZERO storage. Like not a cupboard in sight, except for the kitchen cupboards (no pantry) ...so we've made use of our close proximity to IKEA. Now everything has a place, so we are pretty much cupboard self sufficient :)

Our bedding suite from 40 winks was the last thing to arrive, and we were very glad to be off the mattress on the floor!

We found what we liked online and it was on SALE, so we got a bargain!

Toby has handled the move really well, in fact he's been sleeping 7pm-7am since we arrived! He's sitting up (except when he throws himself back) most of the time, and FINALLY is confident with going down onto his tummy and rolling back to front and front to back. He is so entertaining!