Sunday, January 10, 2016

My Beautiful Children

 Toby Robert is my handsome 2 and a half year old who, at the moment, is SO happy to smile for the camera with his cheeky big teeth grins. He is so clever and has mastered the art of using the toilet in the last week and a half.
He loves the wiggles still, especially when his calls for "you dance with me Mumma" are heeded. I get the best cuddles during thunderstorms (which occur a lot lately in Darwin), and when i'm cooking tea. He loves to help; sweeping, doing the washing, changing Edie's nappies, washing up, if i'm doing a job he wants in!
He loves his little sister lots, sometimes a little too over enthusiastically. He loves running, jumping, and throwing. He's still figuring out his personal pronouns which results in some very interesting requests sometimes, "Me carry you, Please Mumma?"
His favourite story at the moment is a Star Wars book that makes sounds. His favourite toys are still balls and balloons, infact the 40c balloon was all he played with on Christmas day.
He loves singing, anytime, anywhere and any volume, Normally it's 'Book of Mormon Stories' but 'The grand old duke of york' has been getting a bit of a run lately.
He hates bugs, almost as much as his mum and dad, and will eat anything in a wrap. He is still my little fruit bat, eating a punnet of berries in one sitting is usual. The other day he ate three apples within an hour!
He is happy to go to Nursery with his friends and loves going to people's houses during the week (if mum is organised) because other people's toys are always so exciting.
He's a pro at using facetime, being away from family has made that a legitimate learning curve. He still likes to sleep but has pretty much grown out of his day naps, the other day I had one while he entertained himself, mumma's never grow out of day naps! He LOVES the ipad, because watching ABC kids on demand is heaps better than watching it on the t.v. he can have unlimited Peppa Pig and Hey Duggy.
He's obsessed with the airport and going on planes, this may be because for his tender years he's probably earnt more frequent flyer points then I did before I was 25! He likes to be tricky and call me Dadda and Dadda Mumma, apparently the most hilarious thing ever! He also enjoys being tricky while talking to Nan in America, she'll ask what he did today and he always replies, we went to church and then laughs his cheeky 'i'm tricking' laugh. He has great fun with Dadda, who is always the star of the show when he returns home from work, and on the weekends. He's a happy, bright and bubbly kid, except when he's unwell or tired, then he becomes the champion whinger, like seriously, better than me!
We love our little Tobert.

Edith Louise is 8 months old and is our gorgeous little delight. She always has a ready smile and giggle and loves to bop away to music! She loves food and is very insistent on when she should have it!
Edie's eyes follow her big brother and dadda everywhere! If Hayden arrives home from work and walks past with just a 'hello' instead of picking her up, she has something to say about it!
She is so wiggly and persistent at the moment, if she sees something she wants, nothing is stopping her from grabbing it. Her latest trick is to wiggle her way out of your grip and slide of the couch into a standing position, as if she's about to walk off (she can't even crawl yet) but she is so pleased with herself standing on the floor holding the edge of the couch.
She is also a real chatterbox. She is attempting 'mum mum' and 'dad dad' and 'hi' and 'hello' make an appearance every now and again. Today she said as clear as day 'Hello Dadda', Genius! (I swear she's said 'I love you' a few times before too).
Today in Relief Society the lady taking the lesson would ask questions and Edie would answer with her cute little baby talk and everyone was quite distracted.
Edie enjoys tasting everything and using her new teeth to test strength of materials through biting. She is also attempting waving, which involves palm in the air, arm up and down, SO cute!
Love you Edie-lou!