Sunday, June 22, 2014

A place to eat...

One time, okay actually three times, I have purchased my dining table and chairs from Fantastic Furniture. The first time it was a more expensive fantastic model that extended to seat 8 people, it resided in Bridport until mum sold it to the people that bought the house. 

The second episode, I didn't buy the setting but was given one from Simone and Simon, it was not an expensive model and if you sat on the wooden chairs on a funny angle the legs would fall off, disaster! 

The last time was when I got rid of that one cause it was too rickety and, yes, bought another fantastic furniture dining suite, this time the chairs had metal legs, which was fine when I lived in moonah and they were on carpet, but when we moved to Terminus and they were on tile, they slipped and splayed all over the place, and you could feel yourself sinking lower and lower each time you sat down. Also the table top stained easily as it was a light colour and laminate feel.

So when we moved to Adelaide we got rid of that one too. Which was lucky cause the first house we moved to didn't have room for a dining table! Now we have a house that has room for a dining table, and now we have a dining table and chairs that aren't from Fantastic Furniture. I'll keep you updated as to how long it lasts and you can do the math on Fantastic vs Freedom. 

It started with a love of the chairs, I found them on the internet when browsing for interesting dining chairs. I didn't so much like the table, and wanted a more rustic looking one but was unable to find one that matched the wood on the chairs. This may not matter to some, but it did to me. So I looked again at the table that matched the chairs and decided it wasn't too bad, and now I actually like it too. It grew on me I guess.
So there you have it, a boring tale about a table. But not boring for us, especially last night when for the first time we sat down to eat together as a family at our own little table!