Monday, July 7, 2014

Toby Turns Twelve Months

I can't believe we have a one year old! Toby is our gorgeous baby boy and we love him so much!

He was a little shell shocked on the morning of his birthday...

 He loved tinkering with his new presents, and opening a special card from Nan sent all the way from America!
 I can't get enough of his smile...
 I made a video of his first year as a present for him, (playing in the background) and he loves watching it!
 This cake was a trial run for the cake I wanted to make for his party on Saturday, it looks a bit hodge podge as I was playing around with different lettering and ways to write on the cake.
 He loves Mister Maker, but his most favourite part is the shapes, they come on and do a little dance to a song " I am a shape". He always stops what he's doing and gets a big smile on his face when it's on the telly, hence the shapes on the cake.

 He really is a big boy, we've never given him cutlery before, we feed him, or he eats with his hands, but he grabbed the spoon off Dad and decided to feed himself cake and ice cream with no trouble at all!  (ok, a little messy). I'm always so amazed at what he picks up and learns through observation!

So this was the final cake, my first ever experience with fondant, it was fun, but I definitely need some practice!

 We had some friends over that we've made through church and mothers group for a morning tea.

 This is when everyone sang Happy Birthday, he's so funny, he has no idea what's going on but loves it when people sing his name and starts cheering! (This happened at swim lesson and music time this week also)
 More presents to explore...

 Toby loved the balloons we had around the place for decorations, he keeps calling them 'ball' and I was trying to explain the difference between a ball and a balloon, and it was quite difficult, can you do it?

 We are members of a Toy Library and they hire out big things for party's as well so we got a red car and a play gym for the party... lots of fun! They really kept the older kids entertained and when everyone left Toby got a turn ...

 First driving lesson = deep concentration!
Happy Birthday Bubba, we love you!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

A place to eat...

One time, okay actually three times, I have purchased my dining table and chairs from Fantastic Furniture. The first time it was a more expensive fantastic model that extended to seat 8 people, it resided in Bridport until mum sold it to the people that bought the house. 

The second episode, I didn't buy the setting but was given one from Simone and Simon, it was not an expensive model and if you sat on the wooden chairs on a funny angle the legs would fall off, disaster! 

The last time was when I got rid of that one cause it was too rickety and, yes, bought another fantastic furniture dining suite, this time the chairs had metal legs, which was fine when I lived in moonah and they were on carpet, but when we moved to Terminus and they were on tile, they slipped and splayed all over the place, and you could feel yourself sinking lower and lower each time you sat down. Also the table top stained easily as it was a light colour and laminate feel.

So when we moved to Adelaide we got rid of that one too. Which was lucky cause the first house we moved to didn't have room for a dining table! Now we have a house that has room for a dining table, and now we have a dining table and chairs that aren't from Fantastic Furniture. I'll keep you updated as to how long it lasts and you can do the math on Fantastic vs Freedom. 

It started with a love of the chairs, I found them on the internet when browsing for interesting dining chairs. I didn't so much like the table, and wanted a more rustic looking one but was unable to find one that matched the wood on the chairs. This may not matter to some, but it did to me. So I looked again at the table that matched the chairs and decided it wasn't too bad, and now I actually like it too. It grew on me I guess.
So there you have it, a boring tale about a table. But not boring for us, especially last night when for the first time we sat down to eat together as a family at our own little table!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Some Snaps...

Sometimes it's a stripy top kind of day...

 My Handsome Boys...

 My little superman, 11 months on Monday!!

Friday, May 30, 2014

I just want to say...

I had a realisation last night that Facebook does nothing for me but get me riled up and waste my time. It was good for a time, when I was single and needed to stay up with what was happening in YSA and communicate quickly with a lot of people. But seriously what do I use Facebook for now? 

This is how it works. 
I open my laptop and my immediate reaction is to click on the most used site in my history (Facebook) or type www.f enter into the address bar. I have found myself doing this even when it was not my purpose for getting on the computer. 
I then scroll down the endless drivel on the newsfeed, a plethora of opinions it seems.
Status updates (which i've never really been into) seem to have turned into a place to cause as much controversy and generate as many comment/likes as possible. I mean it's a bit 'look at me' don't you think? Don't get me wrong, i'm just as guilty, in fact when something big happens in my life (i.e engagement, birth of a child) Hayden and I will both post and then check every two minutes to see how the likes/comments are ticking a competition. (Hayden always wins btw).

(And this blog doesn't count cause no-one reads it or comments so i'm really using it as a safe way to talk to myself)

Do I really need likes and comments to up my self-worth? Or is it just a vehicle for Pride, I mean who really cares what i'm thinking? And why does my opinion matter more than anyone else's? And do I seriously think that voicing my opinion is going to change someone else's opinion? Ridiculous.

So given that I don't use Facebook to genuinely keep in contact with anyone. In fact i'm definitely LESS social because of it. And given that my opinion doesn't really matter, and what I think should really be discussed in real life with real people. Like maybe I should CALL someone instead of looking at their life on Facebook to try and suss out what they are up to. 
I've given it up. 

2 hours ago actually.

My goal is to sit down on the couch and instead of reaching for my phone or laptop to feed my Facebook addiction, i'm hoping that I will do other things. Like make a list of more productive things to do, OR just complete the list that i've had for the past 5 months! Maybe clean up a bit, iron Hayden's shirts, Skype a friend, paint a picture, do some cross stitch. Create a BETTER singing time lesson for Sunday. Bake a cake. (WOW the possibilities are endless). Write in my journal, (including my blog...look at me go!).

Oh and here's the clincher, spend more time CONCENTRATING on this handsome fellow:
 Because he is growing up SO fast. And I don't want him to remember his childhood as trying to fight the phone/laptop for attention. OR learn that being social is about sitting on the couch with a device.

 He's napping now, I can't wait for him to wake up so we can PLAY!

And I'm definitely not one of those people that can limit my use of something (I just can't trust myself). I've always been a cold turkey kind of gal.

So goodbye dreary social media world. Hello more productive happy life! End.