Monday, August 23, 2010

52 Pick-up

Boredom + A Brilliant Idea + A Band Manager = 52 Pick up
Here we are rehearsing...This was previous to our first big gig...the Hobart Stake Music Festival!Fiona Cluff = Keys
Campbell King = Guitar
Jacob Zeisel= Guitar
Ness Watson = Vocals
Dave Bender = Percussion
Camilla Mitchell = Back up Vocals/Percussion
Chris Mahina = Bass
Asher ReAd= DrumsWe are 52 pick-up! Thanks for the pics Elle...And the Rockin' times...Including the amazing car park!

"Oi...there's a speed limit in 'ere!"

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Snow Plough Tracks...

Late last night... ...and this morning!

Magical Snow!! But not enough to shut the school:( It looked so magnificent!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Nan

97 today!

On my usual Sunday visit Yesterday I took her some flowers, but she was sleeping, so I dozed in the chair beside her bed. Lucky I didn't wake her because I may have passed on this cold that seems to have hit me from no-where!

When I was little i'd go and stay with Nan ALL the time, i'd sleep in the same bed as her cause her house was big and scary, she used to make funny noises with her mouth when she slept, she was doing that yesterday and it made me smile. She has no idea who I am, and probably wouldn't even notice if I never came to visit, but hopefully soon she'll be able to appreciate that she wasn't a 'mother forgotten' and left alone in the nursing home. It's a really intense place to be sometimes! It smells funny and old people make crazy noises when they are distressed! Nan is still very independant the only thing missing is her memory, and her sight and hearing aren't the best.

Things I remember about nan:

She was an amazing cook- Brandy Snaps, Four layered chocolate birthday cakes, peanut biscuits.

She loved a cup of tea (and still does)

Eating porridge and listening to abc news on the wireless

The smell of her art shed, where she created amazing water colours and bark pictures

Going for bike rides where she refused to let go of the seat and made me stop at EVERY drive way incase a car was coming.

Walking up to the cake shop or the newsagent

Her long nails which she always made sure were clean

Trying to teach me how to make a pav. or how to peel carrots properly etc.

Her beautiful garden, and picking raspberries off the bush that ran up her driveway.

The way she'd fuss over Jessica (Careful you'll break her little arms)

I only wish i'd listened more and learnt some of her skills before she forgot them.

I love my nan.