Monday, July 7, 2014

Toby Turns Twelve Months

I can't believe we have a one year old! Toby is our gorgeous baby boy and we love him so much!

He was a little shell shocked on the morning of his birthday...

 He loved tinkering with his new presents, and opening a special card from Nan sent all the way from America!
 I can't get enough of his smile...
 I made a video of his first year as a present for him, (playing in the background) and he loves watching it!
 This cake was a trial run for the cake I wanted to make for his party on Saturday, it looks a bit hodge podge as I was playing around with different lettering and ways to write on the cake.
 He loves Mister Maker, but his most favourite part is the shapes, they come on and do a little dance to a song " I am a shape". He always stops what he's doing and gets a big smile on his face when it's on the telly, hence the shapes on the cake.

 He really is a big boy, we've never given him cutlery before, we feed him, or he eats with his hands, but he grabbed the spoon off Dad and decided to feed himself cake and ice cream with no trouble at all!  (ok, a little messy). I'm always so amazed at what he picks up and learns through observation!

So this was the final cake, my first ever experience with fondant, it was fun, but I definitely need some practice!

 We had some friends over that we've made through church and mothers group for a morning tea.

 This is when everyone sang Happy Birthday, he's so funny, he has no idea what's going on but loves it when people sing his name and starts cheering! (This happened at swim lesson and music time this week also)
 More presents to explore...

 Toby loved the balloons we had around the place for decorations, he keeps calling them 'ball' and I was trying to explain the difference between a ball and a balloon, and it was quite difficult, can you do it?

 We are members of a Toy Library and they hire out big things for party's as well so we got a red car and a play gym for the party... lots of fun! They really kept the older kids entertained and when everyone left Toby got a turn ...

 First driving lesson = deep concentration!
Happy Birthday Bubba, we love you!