Monday, May 6, 2013

Is anyone out there?

Ok so I know that not posting for ages and THEN posting a Lame 'Easter was months ago, we went to Dunalley, here are some pictures' post is a poor effort, but seriously no comments? Even from you Jessica? I always comment on your blog! anyhow...let's see if my creative brilliance gets some comments

I made a skirt
 This is a Toni pattern, and yes Carmen helped... a lot...but hey, I did some sewing, that's a big effort! I also bought some new boots to match, yipee...
 Don't recognise this fatty at all, I guess that's what being 33 weeks pregnant does to you! What's with the puffy face and arms? come on!

We moved Hayden's study downstairs to make room for the Nursery, i'll post some before and after shots soon.
Au revoir