Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wanna see something gross??

This time last week I went into St Johns Calvery for a Knee Reconstruction.
Last October I ruptured my ACL playing baskeball against the students at school.
I was so nervous! I've never had a hospital stay, or been given a GA before. Hayden and Mum were my support crew. (Whether they liked it or not. haha)
This is me a couple of hours after the op. I was lucky cause I was first in at 8:30am, this meant I wasn't waiting around for long feeling nervous. (Shout out to Hayden for the pics)

...and here it is..well you can't see much. I was expecting to be in a world of pain, but the injury itself was much worse than the surgery. I'm hoping my recovery doesn't take too long and I can get back to my old fav. activities ... (Baskeball, Tennis, Squash, General Running about etc.)

I had to go to Target and buy a nightie which was the recommended hospital wear, but I didn't own one...So I decided to go the whole hog with the granny theme...

Hayden walked back into the room after I got changed into it and said "You look like your dying in that nightie"

... I promise that my leg is swollen... not usually this HUGE...

But that's all it was, Four small incisions. The scar on top of the knee cap wasn't from the operation, but from where I fell over a few weeks back. SO..they inserted a camera and fished around for my hamstring tendons, harvested them, wound them around to make a new ligament, then insterted it, screwing it into place. Took about an hour and a half.

I'm amazed that Dr's can do this! ...or should I say Mr's??

And I would like to give a big shout out to painkillers and ice!

I'm hobbling around up at Bridport atm. Hence all the blog posts.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Time out for what?

Time out for WOMEN! yeah! That's what i'm talking about! A Huge Hormonal Hug fest with Tears and Tote bags!
This is us waiting at the airport...3 billion hour delay or something, which meant we didn't really do anything 'sydney-like' in Sydney... (*Sydney-Like an adjective - to go do stuff you can only do in Sydney, such as cruise on the Harbour past the Opera House etc.) ...and that's it. Didn't really get any other pics. But everyone that is reading this was probably there, and if not you're a bloke and it's weird that you're reading my blog, unless your Hayden, (Hi Honey) then of course there are those of you that ARE women, but didn't go, but have already read about it on someone elses blog.
Now for some scary shots of Fatty Flynn and I Chillin' in the serviced apartment....

umm yeah.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy Birthdays with Harry

On Saturday the 16th we celebrated Mum's 63rd -eek- with some lunch at Tranquility Gardens.

The whole family came along, some Japanese guy made the gardens, the tea house is part of the original home. The water features weren't running when we were there but you could imagine how spectacular it would look!

Every year, about this time, we venture out to see the new Harry Potter film, we've been doing this for every movie for the past 7 years. So this day was an end of an era. We were SO excited we got our tickets the week before, and were the FIRST people in the line at the cinema, it actually wasn't that busy, I guess cause we took the 2D version, but hey, who wants to sit in the cinema with their sunnies on!

Simone has an awesome pick of us all at the front of the line, but she hasn't posted about it :(

You would think it wasn't important to her or something.

Anyway, all that was missing was our crazy Harry Potter Costumes (Jokes, we don't do that... just secretly wish we did)

I really enjoyed the final movie! So much so, I saw it again the next Thursday night with Hayden.

Voldermort was my fav. in this one, he did such a good job:)

Well it's been fun Harry. Not really sure what to do with my life now.


Mountain View

I suppose Hobart does have its good points