Thursday, July 7, 2016

Day 12 - MOTAB! - and a photoshoot

Sunday 15th May
Mum watched the kids while Hayden and I went to the tabernacle to see MOTAB do Music and the Spoken Word. Seriously spectacular! The choir delivered on their big finish and I got to watch Mack Wilberg at work. Dream come true! I had tears coming down my face.

We had afternoon church but only lasted sacrament as it was mum’s missionary ward with no primary and Toby was off the show from too much sugar etc. A man from New York spoke and I LOVED his accent.
We drove Toby around to look at temples so he would have a sleep. We went to the Jordan River temple and the Draper temple. The houses around Draper temple were ridiculous, so massive.
Then it was time to eat tea and head to temple square for our photo shoot. It was really hard with Toby being so hyper and the photographer, Evie, did a great job. Despite all the flowers being taken out the day before, and a morning of stormy weather, the pics turned out ok...

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