Monday, July 4, 2016

Day 11 - Temple Square and the Conference Centre

Saturday 14th May

Today we left Edie with mum for a nap and took Toby to the South Visitors centre, (i'm obsessed with his shoes)...

...he loved playing with the interactive boards and looking inside the temple. Hayden and I were amazed at the beautiful model of the temple. 

We headed outside for a tour of temple square and mum and Edie joined us. They only took us to the assembly hall so it was a bit lame. We looked inside the tabernacle and saw the demonstration of the amazing acoustics, seriously you could hear a pin drop. Then we headed to another frozen yogurt place for lunch.

That afternoon Hayden and I took Edie to Beehive house while mum and Toby went sock shopping. Once again I didn’t really enjoy the tour as most things were just replicas etc. and they didn’t get into the juicy stuff haha.
We had a quick look around the North Visitors centre, snapped a picture with the Christus then we sent both kids home with mum and went and toured the Conference centre! 

It was AWESOME! They had all original artwork and busts to look at and the place itself was massive! 

This tour went right up my list of favourites, they are clearly making it one of the big things to do on temple square.

That evening we went to texas roadhouse for tea. The meals were so huge we took enough home for the next night. The dinner rolls with cinnamon butter were delicious.

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