Monday, July 4, 2016

Day 5 - Bryce Canyon and HWY 12

Sunday 8th May

Edith’s American birthday we awoke with some presents and a song.

It was time to pack and say goodbye to Kanab.
We would make our way through Bryce Canyon ...

... then have lunch at the local  Diner where Toby would enjoy the thickest most chocolatiest milk shake of all ...

...then it was time to drive up scenic HWY 12 to Torrey. The scenery on HWY 12 was spectacular, we drove through blasted rock on a road that cost 1 million dollars to build (at the time), the landscape changed so much as we drove along, we got to see more snow before arriving at our Torrey Hotel, the red sands.

(There were horses out the back of the hotel that Toby and Hayden went to check out, in the rain...)

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