Monday, July 4, 2016

Day 10 - This is the Place and The Roof Restaurant

Friday 13th May

Sandra left early on her road trip and we headed off for Park City. We finally had a little cake for Edith's Birthday...

We stopped at the ‘this is the place’ monument on the way. Definitely a nice view, but not actually where Brigham said ‘this is the place’ apparently!

We spent the day shopping up a storm in Park City at the outlets. Edie flaked while our credit card got a good work out. 

Toby chose some little red Jordans from the Nike outlet. They are so cute.

That evening Hayden and I went to ‘The Roof’ restaurant. It was an all you could eat buffet but very stylish, and the view from the top of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building was amazing! We wanted to tip the piano man at the end of the night but Hayden only had a $20 note so after debating whether we could sneak past without tipping he decided to ask a waiter to change it for him. Then we were discussing whether we should give the waiter a tip for changing it for us haha. Tipping can be very confusing. But because of tipping we found the service in America to be amazing.

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